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Greg and I have been married since July 6, 2002. We have a very much loved family, who we enjoy spending time with. We love fishing, camping, NASCAR and most of all, spoiling our beautiful grandbaby!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Poppa and Honey's

Our little Aydee Bug came to stay with us for a couple of days while her parents took a short vacation to the mountains.  We had lots of fun playing, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, visiting with MawMaw and PawPaw Melton, Uncle Clint and cousins Aubrey and Delaney, and MaMa and PaPa Massey.  Ayden was super sweet! I did find out pretty quickly that you don't get much opportunity to snap a photo of her!  She is so busy all the time! She is getting so independent these days and is just a bit on the mischievous side.  She has started going to bed without being rocked and does so well!  But we still rocked her at nap time!  She will just look at you with the sweetest smile and fall asleep quickly when you start singing to her.  All I know is that you sure do miss her when she leaves!!!!!!!!!!  

Eating Breakfast!

Poppa and Ayden getting ready to watch the Texas Rangers

Love you Bug! 


  1. I'm so ready to see her this weekend! I told Michelle it's been almost 3 weeks! I've never gone that long! haha... Looks like ya'll had a great time! And boy does she look like Hayley in that last pic with her Rangers stuff on :)

  2. I am so glad yall had fun with her!!! Tye and I had so much fun getting to spend time togther! By the way she keeps calling Tye, Poppa and I don't think he likes it very much. He says, no I'm Daddy and she just smiles and takes off running. (I think she is doing it on purpose)!