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Greg and I have been married since July 6, 2002. We have a very much loved family, who we enjoy spending time with. We love fishing, camping, NASCAR and most of all, spoiling our beautiful grandbaby!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, Monday....

"Monday, Monday...
So good to me..
Monday mornin, it was all I hoped it would be........"
Nelson Cruz
Well, at least some Mondays are that way.... a perfect example would have been last Monday morning.... a holiday........ but not only was it a holiday, it was the day of Game 2 of the ALCS ... Texas Rangers vs. the Detroit Tigers in Arlington, TX.  Now, remember, this game was supposed to be played the day before... but was delayed because of rain.  Much needed rain... Rain that was supposed to come our way.... and a little of it did... but most went further east toward DFW... thus explaining the rain delay.   Game 1 had two almost hour long rain delays before the Rangers came away with the win.  So it was no surprise when Game 2 was delayed to give the weather a chance to clear.  So, there we sat on Sunday evening... no game to watch.... Then, I very impulsively said to Greg: "we should go to the Ranger game tomorrow".. the rest is history.  We bought tickets, left around 9 Saturday morning, and headed to The Ballpark.  We had amazingly good seats... about 13 rows behind the bull pen... It was THE most exciting sporting event I have ever attended.  It was a nail biter.... tied up 3-3..... extra innings..... Nelson Cruz at bat... bases loaded ... bottom of the 11th..... then Cruz sends the ball flying over the wall!!!!!  GRAND SLAM! Not only was it a grand slam, it was the first walk off grand slam in postseason history, EVER!  ......... Rangers win 7-3.  The crowd went wild!!!!!!!!!!... We headed out to find our car.... took us a few minutes.... Monday ended with us driving back to our little town to get ready to start the week.

Later on in the week, I noticed several people on Facebook talking about http://www.pinterest.com/.  I decided I would look and see what all the fuss was about.  I am officially addicted.  Thanks, ladies.  I especially love looking at the craft ideas and the recipes.  I decided that I would try some out and then share on here what I thought about them.

The first thing I made was Jalapeno Dip. I got the recipe from pinterest with a link to the blog of "Plain Chicken".  Here are the ingredients:
Jalapeno Dip Ingredients

I must admit that my little magic bullet was almost two small to hold all of this!  I made it work though, next time I will probably get out the bigger one.  This was really good!  It is pretty spicy, and I only used the seeds of half of one pepper!  This dip is really good on chips!  It is pretty good on veggies, you see that I opted for the veggies.  Yay for me choosing the healthier option!!!!  Click on the link for the recipe!

Jalapeno Dip with Veggies
Here is a main dish recipe that sounded really good, and I just couldn't wait to try. Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti. I also got this recipe off of pinterest with a link to the blog of "How Sweet It is".  Here are the ingredients:
Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti ingredients

I followed strictly followed the directions except I ended up using about 1 1/2 cans of enchilada sauce.  I wanted it a little saucier than what it was.  I also used 'canned chicken'...  next time i will definetly prepare my own chicken for a better flavor..... other than that this was a good meal and fairly quick to make!
Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti

I have lots of other great recipes to try and will share about them as I make them!   I have some other "crafty" type projects that I am going to start working on pretty soon.  Ayden is coming to spend a couple of nights this weekend, so I am going to see what I can come up with for us to make together!

"Every other day, every other day
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah..."

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  1. Angela I am looking forward to the new recipes, You are such a good cook