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Greg and I have been married since July 6, 2002. We have a very much loved family, who we enjoy spending time with. We love fishing, camping, NASCAR and most of all, spoiling our beautiful grandbaby!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to two of the most special people in my life! 

Greg, I hope that you have a great birthday.  Even though you always say it is just another day, it really is so much more.  I love you and I hope that God blesses us with many more birthdays together!  You are a very special man, the proof of that can be found in the love and respect that your children have for you,  the way that others see your honesty and integrity and in the way our precious Ayden is drawn to you and shows you that she loves you. 

Hayley, I hope you have a great birthday, too!  I am so glad you are a part of my life.  I am thankful that we have such a good relationship and I am really proud of they way you have grown into such a wonderful mother.  I can think of no other scripture more fitting a person than Proverbs 31:28 "Her children arise and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praises her".  I think this scripture describes you perfectly!  Thanks for all that you do!
Love you! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Love Song

Love is all around you....
Love is knocking outside your door.....

Actually, we used this song in our wedding almost 10 years ago... The girls, Kristen and Hayley, were my bridesmaids and they walked in to the first part of the song, with the acoustic guitar.  It's hard to believe that it has been that long.  Kristen was around 10 and Hayley was just going into high school.  Brandon was just joining the Navy, leaving within a few days of our wedding.  We went to Las Vegas on our honeymoon.  That was a first for me.  I loved all the lights!  Watching the ship sink in front of Treasure Island, the Volcano erupt in front of the Mirage, and of course the fountains in front of the Bellagio.... everything was spectacular.  I would love to go back!  I always kid Greg about it...  I tell him that we should go back there because I barely knew him when we went the first time! 

We have also been through alot of changes over the past 10 years.  First, Brandon was gone serving our great country.  Then he met and fell in love with Corryn.  We loved her from the moment we met her.  We always know when we get together we will be laughing for days!!!!  She is a very special part of our family.  They married in 2006, and made their home in Jacksonville, Florida. We love and miss Brandon so much (Corryn too!)!  It seems we never get to spend enough time with him and Corryn!  Once a year is just not enough.  But time goes by so quickly.......

Hayley left early and went away to college.  We knew that she really wanted to be closer to that wonderful farm boy that she had fallen in love with.  Tye was in College Station becoming an Aggie!  Hayley started school at Blinn in the spring of her senior year.  She came back and graduated with her class, with a semester of college under her belt.  We had alot of fun travelling to see her when she was going to school there.... still miss those burgers at Chicken Oil Company.  Hayley and Tye married in 2007, just shy of Tye graduating from Texas A&M.  After he graduated, they moved back to Post.  Tye began farming and Hayley continued her education at LCU in Lubbock, where she graduated and then gave birth to our first grandbaby a few months later.

Kristen, well there is alot to be said here.  Well maybe I should say there is alot I COULD say here.  I know there is alot I FEEL!  As some of you know, there have been problems along the way.  I don't really like getting into all the details.  I get into those details alot in my mind.  I pray alot for her protection.  I love her so much it hurts, and I would give anything for things to be different.  There have been alot of things that I have felt cheated out of. Selfishly, I know. I wouldn't say that I was angry with God about the situation, but I would say that God knows my heart and He knows that I don't understand and He knows that this makes me very sad.  I love my daughter.  All I can give her is prayer.  Sometimes casting our burdens on Him is a DAILY thing.  We want to take control and do everything in our power to make our loved ones safe and whole.  Yet, we find very quickly that we our powerless.  It has to be something that comes from within them... they have to be the ones to reach out for the help they need... they have to want to be different.  I will continue to pray and trust in God.. and I will continue to have faith that someday things will be different.  I love you, Kristen.  Please never doubt that.

Wow, I didn't really intend for this post to lead me in this direction.  Sometimes the heart has a mind of it's own!

Even though we continue to face changes and challenges in our lives, love will always find a way......

Love will find a way
Look around, open your eyes,......

Love is gonna find a way back to you,
I know.