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Greg and I have been married since July 6, 2002. We have a very much loved family, who we enjoy spending time with. We love fishing, camping, NASCAR and most of all, spoiling our beautiful grandbaby!

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Month or So Wrap-Up

Yes, I know it has been awhile since I posted anything!!  Seems like we have been so busy over the past couple of months, I keep putting this off!  So here is a  short run down of what has been going on with us.  A couple of weeks after my birthday, we went to Hords Creek for a short vacation before I started back to work.  Hayley and Ayden went with us, and Tye joined us later that week, as did, Donna, Kelly, Kam and Whitney.  We had a really good time, but it was hot and windy the whole time we were there, except for one day.  One day it was perfect.  We cooked out, played horseshoes, rode bike with Ayden, and just had really good time enjoying each other's company.  It was over, all too soon, and we came home to get ready to start the work week.  June 1st was my first day back to work at the County Attorney's Office.  I worked there years ago, and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to go back!  I love my job!  It is certainly never dull!  I stay busy the whole time I am there and I would much rather do that than just pass the time!  On June 4th, was my twin neice's birthdays.  Greg didn't get to go to their party, but since Ayden was spending the night with us for the first time that night, she and I went to the party.  We had a good time and really had so much fun keeping Ayden that night.  She was super good and so sweet.  We look forward to doing that more often!  On June 15 we left to go to my family reunion in Alabama.  We drove out with my parents and then on the Sunday after the reunion, Greg and I flew home.  I had to be back to work the next day.  We had a great time and it was so good to see my relatives that I haven't seen in so many years.  This is a picture of my Dad and 6 of his siblings.  (there were 8 total, my Aunt Dean passed away a few years ago).

L to R:  Kenneth, Jimmy, Eyvonne, Donald, Nellie, James (dad), and Ronnie
This is a picture of the 'first cousins'.  There are 25 of us total.  There were 17 present, with 7 not being able to make it that day, plus one cousin, Terry, that passed away a few years ago.

Debbie, Me, Anna, Clint, Jeremy, Donny, Tim, Robert, Charles, Melba, Susan,
Randall, Teresa, Danny, Donna, Jay, and Cindy

The place where we had the reunion was a beautiful camping site on the Tallapoosa River owned by my cousin Teresa's fiance.  It was absolutely gorgeous!

Tallapoosa River
With all these pretty green trees and green grass, it was really hard to come back to hot, dry, windy and dirty West Texas.  But, it was also good to get home. 

Last Friday we went to watch Aydee Bug's last swimming lesson. She did so good!!! She didn't cry even one time and every time she would come up from under water she would look at us, grin, and point to the sky ( yes, we know, Poppa Number One).. She went with us that evening to a birthday dinner for my brother and played with my neice's who are quite taken with Ayden, as she is with them. 

We also got a new car (suv), and I LOVE it.  It is partially my anniversary present from Greg.  He worked long and hard to find me the color I wanted, haggling with several different dealerships trying to find the perfect one. He did a great job, because it is just what I wanted.  It has a touch screen for the radio, plus voice command (you push a button and tell it which channel you want and it changes the station... ) it also has U connect that connects your phone through bluetooth and dials by voice command.  IT IS AWESOME.  Thanks Greg!! I love you!

Tonight we are cooking our new found favorite recipe that we saw on the show "Unwrapped".  It is a jumbalaya dish with pasta instead of rice.  It is SOOOOO good.  It will be our first time serving it to Hayley and Tye... hope they like it!   Can't wait to see Aydee Bug.  Everything is better when she is there!

Well, I better wrap this wrap up up.. :)  I will try to do better about posting stuff..........